1 Gedanke zu „Neuer VGN Freizeitbus Linie 1169 in den nördlichen Steigerwald“

  1. Again, great pictures. Especially on a sunny day
    We visit kellers by bike. We’ve only made it as far as ‚the other Roppelt‘ keller — lovely terraced layout. Almost worth the hills. But Bayer may be too far by bike from Bamberg.
    We arrive back in Bamberg this week for keller-biking.
    We might try the hill from Honig Zur Post up to Huppendorf…..
    But someday I need to figure out the bus from Bamberg out to Kathi-Brau/Aufsess for a great cluster (and easy ride ‚downhill‘ zuruck)

    cheers from the States

    – Bill


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